Esox Masquinongy immaculatus, Tiger Muskellunge
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Suick Muskie Thriller
Mac's Outdoors offers a great selection of Suick Muskie Thrillers.  We pride
ourselves on having the lowest prices around and as always with Suick lures
shipping is free.

For over half a century, the legendary Suick name has meant one thing to fisherman -
success! The record set by Frank Suick of 30 legal muskies in 30 days is still
unequaled. Today, the Suick tradition continues.  Perfect for muskies, northern pike,
largemouth bass, walleye and saltwater game fish! All Suick lures are handcrafted,
one at a time. That's how the first Suick was built and they are still building them that
way today. The Suick is one of the most productive lures ever designed! The Suick is
proven effective on all species of game fish. The Suick Thriller is a serious lure for the
serious fresh and saltwater angler with action that can't be beat. The Suick Thriller is
deadly on just about any game fish. The Suick has been hauling trophys out of the
water for over five decades. All Suick Thrillers are designed with rock-solid
construction and heavy-duty hardware to handle the hardest hits from the biggest
fish. The best kept secret in the fishing industry!
Available in weighted or non-weighted models.
Suick 9" Muskie Thriller Non-Weighted
$23.99 (Free Shipping)
Suick 9" Muskie Thriller Weighted
$24.99 (Free Shipping)
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