Esox Masquinongy immaculatus, Tiger Muskellunge
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Here at Mac's Outdoors we are dedicated to providing our customers with the finest quality fishing baits for both salt and fresh water angling. To this end we created our own brand of custom made spinnerbaits and we also carry Mepp's, Cisco Kid, and Suick lures. We have a large selection of Mepp's Killer Kits and individual spinnerbaits. We also carry a great selection of Cisco Kid crankbaits and Suick jerk baits. All the lures we sell are effective for both salt and freshwater game fish. For freshwater our baits will catch many many species but are extremely effective on Musky, Northern Pike, Walleye, and Small and Largemouth Bass. In the case of saltwater the effectivness of our lures also covers a wide array of fish but are deadly for Tarpon, Grouper, Redfish, and Bonefish. Our custom made spinnerbaits are made from the finest quality materials around. The baits we make are not mass produced like other manufacturers, but rather they are made one by one. Our own brand of crankbaits are also made to exacting standards, from the Mustad hooks to the premium finish our crankbaits are top notch. Every lure we make or carry is created to increase the success and enjoyment of your fishing experience. All the baits we make and sell are tested in the Class A Musky waters of Wisconsin, often called the center of the Musky Universe and the crystal blue waters of Florida. Rest assured that no musky hunter or saltwater fisherman is fully armed unless they have either a Mac Attack or Mac Attack Jr. in their tackle box. So, complete your big game arsenal today, by ordering your own Mac Attack or Mac Attack Jr. in their original configurations or customize them by adding different color skirts or a plastic trailer. At Mac's Outdoors we also offer a wide range of crank baits for musky, northern pike, walleye, bass, or any other fish you are after. Just like our spinner baits, our crank baits are also the finest quality available. Our crank baits have all the features that you are looking for.

All the baits that you see are available for sale.  To place an order all you
need to do is either send a check or moneyorder payable to Mac's Outdoors
or we also accept Paypal.  Visit our orders page for more instructions on
ordering.  And we will ship your bait as soon as it is made.
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