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Esox Masquinongy immaculatus, Tiger Muskellunge
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Mac's Outdoors offers a great selection of Cisco Kid lures.  We pride
ourselves on having the lowest prices around and as always with Cisco Kid
lures shipping is free.

For generations, the Cisco Kid™ line has represented "America's Finest Tackle."
These sensational fish-getters are perfectly balanced and life-like, with an enticing
"live bait" action that is unparalleled.  The Cisco Kid™ is one of the most effective
lures ever designed. American made for World Class Anglers! The Husky Cisco Kid is
7" long and weighs 1 1/4 oz. The hottest lure for muskies, northern, walleye and
saltwater fish. A perfectly balanced, shallow-deep running lure for all types of fishing
conditions. The Husky Cisco Kid™ is a large lure that is light in weight for easy casting
and trolling. Adjustable metal lips to control depth. The Super Husky Cisco Kid™ is 9
1/2" long and weighs 3 5/8 oz. A large lure designed for "big" fish.  The solid
construction and heavy-duty hardware on the 9" Cisco Kid will withstand vicious hits
from the meanest fresh and saltwater predators. It's handcrafted for the perfect
minnow-imitating action. Adjustable metal lip to control depth. A deadly trolling and
cranking lure for fresh and saltwater fishing.
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